The ultimate pool interior is one that lasts, is super strong, and requires little maintenance. A Tranquility Pool being fibreglass has the advantage of being very high in tensile strength, so it can flex. Properly installed, this means a Tranquility Pool won't crack with normal ground movement. The glossy finish means the surface won't stain easily. It all adds up to low maintenance and more time for you and your family to enjoy your Tranquility Pool.

Changes in our lifestyles have brought more vibrant colourful homes and at Tranquility Pools & Spas, extensive international research has developed a new range of in-depth sparkling new colours.

With our range of exclusive interior colours, a Tranquility pool or spa gives you the opportunity to match your moods and your home with a range of interior colours exciting to see. Click on any thumbnail below to view a larger version sof that unique Tranquility finish.

NOTE – monitor settings may vary colours slightly from the true colours

Standard Colours

Sapphire Blue

Lagoon Blue

Premium Colours

Dark Blue

Blue Rock

Mid Blue

Crystal Sapphire

Coral Blue

Pacific Blue

Water Spice

Crystal Blue

Teal Spice

Quartz Grey

Arctic White

Beach Sand

Grey Spice