A Tranquility Pool is an investment in fun and relaxation which could also add significantly to any future sale price of your home.

A Tranquility Pool is an investment that has lasting value as it provides a home entertainment centre which family and friends can enjoy for many years to come and is a beautiful addition to your backyard.

Imagine soaking up the sun poolside in your own backyard with family and friends on the weekend .... taking a plunge into the clear cool Tranquil waters .... playing with the kids and watching them enjoy themselves .... it's enough to make you want to stay home 7 days a week!

What better way to ‘workout’ than a Tranquil swim before work or school and also to indulge in at the end of the day? Owning an inground swimming pool used to be a dream that most people simply could not afford, but, today your own Tranquility Pool is now an affordable luxury!

The latest in filters; pumps; automatic pool cleaners and automatic chlorinators, greatly reduces the required maintenance in your Tranquility Pool.